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  • I was one of the lucky ones, departing from Egypt rather than Libya, where conditions are generally more favourable, but where the price of the boat is double. We were at sea for 16 days. It was only supposed to take 5 but the crew lost the compass and we were lost at sea. We had enough water for one week, so after about 10 days many of us thought we would die. In the end only a few did, and here I am.

  • I’m a Sudanese law student but had to break off my studies three years in with a year to go. I had to leave my wife behind to try to earn income for my family

  • The bad men in Afghanistan, they kill you once. David Cameron kills me every night.

  • We huddle together in their shelter to keep warm at night. The cold and damp have started to make us all ill. I know it makes more sense to try to gain asylum in another part of Europe, but I know that if I give up on seeing my son now, I’ll likely never see him again.

  • I helped to run the police academy in Kabul, where I became a target for my work training police officers, so I fled Afghanistan. I have been in the Calais camp known as the ‘Jungle’ for a few months now, and live with a small community of Afghans who help to look after each other, sharing food, clothing and shelter materials