Ready for the summer holiday? Discover UK’s top 3 hidden gems to spend your vacation!

With the summer holidays being here with us, perhaps you’ve been considering a quick getaway. Nonetheless, there are several picturesque, historic, and charming hidden gems right here in England that is without a doubt worth visiting,

Whether you’re after historic monuments, wildlife retreats, or seaside escapes that offer the unique and unusual, the UK has plenty of hidden treasures. The good news is you don’t have to break a bank or travel far away to enjoy them.

Minack Theatre, Porthcurno

Listed among the world’s most stunning theatres, it’s an undisputed fact that this theater is a remarkable gem located near Land’s End in Cornwall. Every year, Minack Theater welcomes over 80,000 people to watch a wide range of performances from storytelling, plays, concerts, and musicals. Also, it attracts around 150,000 people every year for those just looking to take a prevue at its amazing architecture and coastl9ine.

Because of how successful The Tempest production was in the 1930s, the theater started to become more popular. Nowadays, it’s usually busy from the Easter through to September for an entire season of more than 20 plays. The Minack Theatre is open to visitors the entire year.

The Shell Grotto

Kent is without a doubt one of the most popular seaside destinations across the UK, attracting people to its immaculate beaches for many years. Nonetheless, if you take a closer look and keep off the ordinary tourist areas, you’ll find the Shell Gronto, a hidden ornate passageway sitting just below Margate streets. Its hallways and rooms are usually covered in mosaics of oysters, scallops, limpets, whelks, cockles, mussels, and seashells. The Shell Gronto is a great site for an incredible photo opportunity and a worthwhile place for kids to explore.

Blakeney Point

The Blakeney Point is a National Nature Reserve situated on the North Norfolk coast, and is home to amazing wildlife, and offers remarkable views of picturesque coastline. The 6 kilometers stretch protects the Blakeney Harbor as well as the neighboring saltmarshes, creating an ideal environment for many animals.

The National Nature Reserve is known around the world for elegant displays of grey seals and terms in the winter and summer respectively.


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