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Vacation without a plane? Stay on the ground

It feels like more and more capital city dwellers are giving up flying. But there is no statistical evidence of a relevant change in...

The lack of material diminishes

According to a survey, the supply of materials on German construction sites is improving slightly. But the experts are still far from being able...

The Amazon became a no man’s land

According to a new study published in Nature and led by Gatti, today the Amazon rainforest releases more greenhouse gases than it can absorb....

Long-Acting Injections: The Future of HIV Treatments

According to the specialists gathered at the XVIII Scientific Symposium of the Huerta Foundation, those who live with the virus will not have to...

Gold, uranium – and instability

How should Afghanistan's economy function under the Taliban? The country is rich in raw materials - but there is a lack of other things. A...

Three hours of weekly video games authorized for children in China

China established that minors may play video games only one hour per day, between 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. from Friday to Sunday, with...

Why a vacation would be nice

1. Because travel promises the opposite of lockdown Of course, you can travel in your head, watch documentaries about distant countries. It is not a...

Road trip through Kosovo

The road from Sarajevo through the Bosnian mountains and gorges has been cleared of snow. Spring has broken out in the “black mountains” of...

Cyprus hospitality

Cyprus wants to send 88 people who fled to Cyprus back to Lebanon. The reception centers on the island are overcrowded. 88 people from Lebanon...