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Pierpaolo Barbieri: “Business and technical talent drives the entrepreneurial ecosystem”

The founder and CEO of Ualá, Pierpaolo Barbieri, affirmed that in Argentina there is a "great talent at a technical and business level that...

New iPhone with satellite connection?

The next generation of iPhone is expected to be presented in September. According to media reports, Apple wants to equip its new smartphone with...

Explore Germany

In compliance with the corona rules (distance, hygiene, masks) - participation for non-vaccinated persons with a negative rapid test is possible. The times of the...

Tax rates are too high

The Federal Constitutional Court demands that interest rates for back tax payments and refunds be reduced. When interest rates are low, 6 percent is...

Far too often taboo

Actually, employers are obliged to take action against sexual harassment. But in the end, it is mostly the victims who leave the company. “Bad, but...

The end of loose monetary policy

It is possible that interest rates will rise again at some point - first on government bonds, later on bank accounts. In the US...

Court as a last resort

Georgian seasonal workers have been cheated of their wages in Germany. Now they are complaining - in Germany, but also at home. Jemal Chachanize is...

A million homes without electricity

Hurricane Ida weakened to a tropical storm Monday after hitting the Louisiana coast as one of the strongest storms to make landfall in the...

How to Increase the Rent Price of Your Apartment

Increasing the rent on your rental apartments is something every landlord ultimately experiences. Like any other industry, the rental market is impacted by economic...