Oftentimes, we talk about how fortunate or unfortunate we are when something happens to us. This is to imply that we have a tendency to link the course of events that happen in our lives to the extent to which we are lucky. It is common to believe that the luck of two individuals cannot be the same.

However, if we look at the statistics based on the nation where people are born, it would be wise to say that individuals may share the same luck if they live in the same country. If you cannot believe this, then continue reading this article. We are going to prove to you that some people are just born lucky and by this, we mean because of the nation they reside in.

Career Opportunity

Among the top-ranked essentials for a great life is job opportunities. Although study is the main focus, there are several other factors that play a key role in the same. Based on the opportunities that the countries provide, the people residing in Norway are the luckiest. This is followed by Denmark, Iceland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Finland, the Netherlands, Ireland, Sweden, and Canada. These nations provide opportunities for becoming advanced, offer income equality, and good employment, schooling, and higher education.

Liberty and Life Satisfaction

A great career is nothing without freedom. Since this quality makes people lucky, here are some countries that have topped the list in offering freedom based on passport strength, general satisfaction of life, human rights, and gender equality. Norway comes in first place and is followed by Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Sweden, Iceland, Netherlands, Austria, and Belgium. Thus, their freedom for traveling along with gender equality are taken care of well.

Health and Safety

Among the top priorities of an individual is good health, since it plays a major role in our lives. Without a healthy body and mind, one cannot enjoy the flavours of life. This is why several nations are focused on ensuring their people remain healthy.

Based on the risk of homicide, risk of accident, air quality, social cohesion, health spending, and life expectancy, the residents of Canada are the luckiest. France comes second and is followed by Spain, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Austria, and Iceland.


Being financially stable is the goal of many people that can start to spark during their youth. Among the things that people care for the most, money is one the most crucial. Considering the same, it is crucial for a nation to offer its people ample opportunities for business, as well as personal development. Thus, with regard to the number of millionaires, income, and wealth of the nations, Switzerland is the luckiest country. It is followed by Australia, Iceland, the United States, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Austria, Canada, France, and Belgium.

The Bottom Line

Not everybody is born lucky so if you are a resident of any of the above-mentioned countries, you are fortunate that your nation cares about your opportunities, freedom, health, safety, and finances.



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